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If you are a (social) scientist interested in utilizing gender inference methods for your research then you are at the right place. Do not worry if you think you do not have an expertise in computational techniques for gender inference. Our methods insight will enable you to explore, evaluate and execute a range of methods for inferring gender based on names and/or images .

Dislaimer: There are several technical limitations and ethical considerations for inferring (binary) gender. Read our guidelines for responsible usage.

What do we offer?



We provide you an overview of the state of the art methods for inferring gender from individual's names and/or images.

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We assess the performance of the various gender inference methods on a wide range of benchmarking datasets from different sources (e.g., Wikipedia, IMDB, scholars, Twitter etc.), and containing gender labels for individuals with different socio-demographic attributes (e.g., genders and skin type) and different photographic conditions (e.g., poses, lighting, noise etc.). On basis of the performance benchmarking measures, we also provide suggestions or hints on which method may be most suitable or best performing for different use-case scenarios.

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We provide easy to follow instructions on how to use the different methods including directly executable demo notebooks for trying them out.

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Please note

This gender inference methods insight is foremost intended for academic use. Please check out the individual methods and datasets for licensing information.

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The GESIS CSS Methods Insight for Gender Inference is a non-commercial service intended for academic use.