Gender Inference Tools - GESIS Website

What is it about

The Gender Inference Gesis website provides a comprehensive overview and evaluation of existing methods to infer gender from (i) names, (ii) or (iii) mixed (names and images). Additionally, it provides a service as a form of API or downloadable package for non-commercial and academic use.

On this platform information is presented about:

  1. existing commercial and noncommercial services to infer gender from images, names or both
  2. the accuracy of gender inference tools, tested on different datasets. This comparison is also carried according to certain features (gender, age, ethnicity)
  3. instructions on how to use these services

Target Audience

This is a non-commercial service that is targeted at social scientists and other researchers from non-technical fields, who are

  1. interested in assessing gender attributes from images or names in their research and
  2. for whom reliable and unbiased demographic inferences are key.


TODO: Non-binary gender inference

While the gender inference methods we present focus on binary gender inference, we are aware that gender is better represented as a continuum than a binary valued concept. Many of the methods we present (?) output a continuous/confidence score which can be used to infer gender on a continuum. We hope with better training data available in the future with finer grained gender labels, it would be possible to extend/adapt these methods to infer gender on a continuum rather than binary values.