This project is an initiative by students of University of Koblenz-Landau to analyze and visualize the network of politicians in Wikipedia. The gender hemophily and cross-linking among politicians of various nationalities are investigated and presented in a meaningful manner. To begin, select any 2 countries from the drop-down menu on the left hand side. The range of year of birth can also be adjusted. The nodes of network graph are coloured green and red based on the nationalities of politicians.

Toggle the “Gender” button to have the network graph recoloured based on gender (male = blue, female = orange). Similarly, toggle the “Nationality” button to revert to colouring scheme based on nationalities of politicians. The statistical measures on the right hand side correspond to the network graph and filter settings. Click on “Global Statistics” to view the plots of evolution of global statistical measures over time, which takes into account all politicians.

Link to Global statistics